Procedures: Partial Mastectomy , Lumpectomy, Localized lumpectomy, or Excision of Breast Mass

After the surgery your breast will be bruised and sore. Sometimes the area of bruising can be quite large. It is helpful to wear a supportive bra after the surgery and to wear it to bed at night for several nights until you are more comfortable. Many women recommend wearing a sports bra for comfort. The incision with be closed with absorbable suture which will be under the skin surface. There will be a clear plastic dressing over the incision. You may shower over this bandage. It is a good idea to remove this dressing 2 days after the surgery. Once the dressing has been removed you may shower over the incision.

A mild narcotic pain medication such as hydrocodone will be prescribed for pain relief after the surgery. Most persons take this for one or two days post op. It is important to take this medication with a little bit of food. You may also take over the counter pain medications such as Tylenol or ibuprofen. Many persons find it helpful to use ice over the operative site for the first 24 hours post op.

A small amount of bloody or clear drainage from the incision can be normal, but please call the office if you notice a large amount of drainage. Please call if you experience increasing amounts of pain, a temperature of greater than 101 degrees and increasing redness around the incision. Also, If at any time you feel itching, pain or blistering under the dressing remove it immediately and contact us.