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Exercise Helps Odds of Surviving Cancer

About 44% of men and 38% of women will get cancer at some point in their lives. The odds of surviving cancer increase dramatically if the person gets at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic exercise according to a recently published British study. Read More >

Managing Relentless Pain in Cancer Survivors

Today, 66% of people diagnosed with cancer are expected to live at least 5 years, and 10-year survival is approaching 60%. Read More >

Treatments - New Findings

For young women, breast conserving surgery may be acceptable alternative to mastectomy. Read More >

Risk, Genetic Testing, Genetic Mutation, Prophylactic Treatments

"Starting Hormone Therapy at Menopause Increases Breast Cancer Risk" and other articles. Read More >


Annual mammograms may reduce mastectomy risk for women in their 40s. Read More >

Issues for Survivors

Rehabilitation after cancer presents challenges for patients, physicians. Read More >

Ductal Carcinoma in situ

Please access NCCN Guidelines for Patients: Stage 0 Breast Cancer at for a clearly written approach to this disease.